We have a very odd way to get into our crawl space. There is a door in the basement that allows access to the crawl space. Its been a bit of an eye sore since we moved in.

lovelucklorelai81I thought of staining the wood a darker color or painting it white (we are planning on painting the trim white soon), but finally decided to paint it the same color as the walls. With it being it the same color as the walls it would blend in and not be as noticeable.

I started by taking the doors and hinges off and laying them out on a tarp. I primed the wood doors and trim with 1 coat and 3 coats of paint. The paint color is Wheat Bread by Behr.

lovelucklorelai83 lovelucklorelai84

I used some leftover metallic spray paint to cover the hardware, they were previously gold.


After letting it all dry for about half a day I put it all back up.


lovelucklorelai88 lovelucklorelai89I feel like it is a much fresher look, and it definitely blends in to the wall more than it did before. You might notice something new next to the T.V. Dave bought me an electric fireplace for the basement. It has been wonderful these past few days having it to make the space a little cosier. I plan to make it a bit more substantial by adding some more moulding to it and building a bigger mantle around it. It does have actual wood around it, so I might paint/stain it in the future so it matches more with our other furniture.

Overall, I think this is a big improvement. I’m very pleased with how it turned out!







What I’m Feeling Friday No.2

1. This week I’m feeling Trader Joes. For real yo. We don’t have one here in Springfield, MO, and it is very depressing. They have Charles Shaw wine (Two Buck Chuck anyone??), Puff Corn, amazing selection of chocolate, and anything else your stomach heart desires. I had to go up to Kansas City for work this past weekend and I made sure I stopped in there before I came home. Our best friends are obsessed as well, so I made sure to stock them up too. Some of our favorites are: Trader Joe Joes (delicious snack cookies with better ingredients), sriracha-spicy sauce that goes with everything/on everything, puff corn-if you haven’t tried it you need to. Its heaven! And last but not least- Charles Shaw wine. It is amazing. They go in after each wine season in California, buy up all of the leftover grapes and make wine. Some years are better than others, but its only $2.99, so you aren’t shelling out a bunch of money for something that “might” be good.

When I went on Monday before I came back I loaded up with 2 cases of wine and a ton of sriracha. The cashier gave me a pretty weird look until I mentioned I live out of town. Then he pretty much understood I was stockin’ up on the good stuff until I could come back again. Moral of the story- Trader Joe’s is legit.

2. T-Shirts with witty phrases on them. Case in point: this shirt from lookhuman.com.

math shirt

and this shirt from ThugLifeShirts on Etsy. They pretty much have a shirt for every aspect of life.

hungry shirt

3. The oxford comma. I’m serious peeps. It is an important part of life. See below example:

oxford comma

Plus, Hugh Jackman appreciates the oxford comma. That should be reason enough to use it.

hugh comma

4. 2013 SOCHI OLYMPICS!!!!!!!

I love the Olympics. For real. Nothing makes me feel like an American like the Olympics. All of the athletes coming together, supporting each other, and just rocking it at their events. Have you seen Meryl Davis and Charlie White in the Free Dance? Chills. It gives me chills. Go Check it out here.

That is most likely how I will be spending my entire weekend. OLYMPICS for the win!


No Soda for Me

I’ve recently stopped drinking soda. Its been a tough battle so far. There have been many days where I’ve looked at my co-workers and said something along the lines of “I would cut someone for a Dr. Pepper.” And I would have if it had come down to it. Dr. Pepper is my go-to soda. Heck, its my go-to drink anytime of anywhere.

6077e00ebe9922292bf8b21840266fddI got to the point where I was drinking 3-4 sodas a day. I cut back around the summer of 2013, I told myself only 1 a day. That did not work for me. When I would get stressed out I would just say, I will have 2 today instead of 1. Then 2 turned into 3 and so forth. So I’ve decided to completely stop drinking soda.

Now, I’m not completely crazy. I have not cut out caffeine, I still have a cup of coffee in the morning to get my fix. If I were to stop caffeine altogether I’m pretty sure you would find me in the fetal position on the floor. And then I probably would cut someone. The first couple weeks of no soda I was drinking 3 cups of coffee a day. I realized I was just replacing soda with something else, so I’ve cut back on that. One thing that has helped me is to pack snacks for throughout the day. I was getting about 1,000 calories a day from drinking soda, so my body is still used to that. I’ve started bringing apples, oranges, almonds, and yogurt to work with me so that I snack on those things before I pour myself another cup of coffee.

I’m at a little over a month now, and the hardest part at this point is water. The first few weeks of no soda weren’t too bad. I drank a lot of water and was constantly running to the bathroom to pee (seriously, it was like 10 times a day). Now, water has become a bit boring for me and I started drinking less of it. So to keep it interesting I have started putting lemon in my water. If I get bored with that I might switch to berries.

I have seen an increase in my energy levels, and I have been sleeping much better at night. I would like to start exercising more and overall become more healthy. None of this has to do with losing weight, it has to do with how I view my health. I think most everyone knows that soda is not good for you. Most people just really do not care, and I will admit I was one of those people. I valued the sweet taste of my Dr. Pepper over my health. One of the people in my life who I have seen this directly benefit has been my friend Chelsea. Several years ago Chelsea started clean eating and doing yoga. She became a vegetarian, which I will not do, but I do think that I can take her experience and apply it to myself.

One of the things that has kept me true so far is to be really honest with myself. Instead of giving in and having a soda, I have asked myself “Do I really want a soda or am I just hungry or stressed?” Most of the time it is because I am stressed. So I have learned to recognize those things and make a better decision because of it.


Wine Cork Tradition

In this New Year, I started a new tradition that I am very excited about. At the beginning of January we had a big snow. Now, we live in Southwest Missouri, so a big snow for us is 6 inches. Unfortunately, we usually get more ice than snow, and during that storm we got about 1/2 an inch of ice and then 6 inches of snow. Some areas around us got more, but we got about 6.

Everyone around here was joking, calling it the “Snowpocalypse.” It really wasn’t that bad, but it did make it difficult to get around. That weekend we decided with our best friends to make an event of the whole thing. They came over on Saturday night stayed over. We got up on Sunday, made a fire, had a big breakfast, and played board games all day. We enjoyed some wine, and there began the tradition.


I have started saving wine corks from memorable events. I put them in a vase that I have displayed in the kitchen. For me and Dave, enjoying a bottle of wine with friends is always a great way to unwind and relax. It is exciting to me that over time this vase will fill up with memories and when I walk by it I will be reminded of them.


What I’m Feeling Friday

I am starting a new series called “What I’m Feeling Friday.” Welcome to the first one. I am going to share the things that I am feeling, whether it be home decor, clothing, or entertainment or a combination of all three.

First. Bruno Mars’ performance at the Super Bowl. Dang. I was really expecting to be disappointed. I was proved wrong. So wrong.

Bruno Mars

He rocked it. It was flashy and fun. I loved the matching gold jackets from Saint Laurent and the 70’s band vibe they had going on. I also loved that he didn’t go all sex and raunchy-which he is totally capable of, have you heard his song Gorilla? Its gross. It made me happy that he didn’t go there, because lets be honest (does anyone else think of Pitch Perfect every time someone says that?) there are children watching. Bruno was great live- he sounded great, and did you see that foot work he had going on? Dang son.

Second. Kelly Moore Bags. Legit. I have been drooling over this bag for a while–


It has space for my camera equipment, iPad, and the other 15 things I feel like I need to carry with me. Plus how gorgeous is this color? Dying. I’ve been hinting to the Hubs for Valentine’s Day, but for us we tend to go for smaller gifts for V-Day so I’m not banking on it.




I’m really thinking of adding an accent wall in the living room. Its feeling a little bland in there and I think the best way to add some interest would be to paint the wall the fireplace is on. We’ll see after we get the windows and doors done how I’m feeling.

Were any of you feeling Bruno’s performance on Sunday?


Hangin Out

Back in October I posted this picture on my instagram:



I found this treasure at a local flea market. We have about 5,000 flea markets in the Ozarks, so I will tell you that I found it at the STD (I know, its a horrible name) on Trafficway. There are 2 STD’s in Springfield, and I prefer the one off Trafficway. It is smaller and more friendly.

Anyway, I new that I wanted to paint this guy, but I found it in October and it quickly turned cold. Every day I had the time to paint it the weather was too cold. I finally got around to it on an unusually warm day in January. I picked out a navy blue color, to play off of the curtains in the living room.

lovelucklorelai60 lovelucklorelai61



It is a small update, but I love the small amount of character it brings.


It’s Drafty Yo…

When we were first interested in our current house we had an inspection done. During that inspection we were told that our windows were old and that they would need to be replaced in a few years. Ha. We realized on moving day that a few of the windows actually didn’t function properly at all. They are old crank windows and the cranks started going bad on 3 of the windows. You can open the windows, but the cranks won’t pull the windows closed again. Which is problematic for the 2nd story windows. We can’t exactly reach the 2nd story windows- even with a ladder.

We figured that 3 out of 10 windows not working was something we could deal with for a while. Back in November, I was setting up the Christmas tree in front of the windows in the living room and I felt a cold draft. I started looking closer at the windows and noticed that one of the windows wasn’t closed all the way. As I tried to close it I realized that it would not close. Dave and I both tried a number of ways to close the windows and had no success.

There was about an inch gap in the window just letting cold air in. I couldn’t believe we didn’t notice earlier. It all started to come together when we found the air leaks. The floors on the main level were always icy cold. It seemed we could never make it warm enough. We bought weather stripping and sealed the leaks as best we could.

This is one of the windows that had an air leak. We did our best to stuff it with weather stripping.


Here is a window without a leak. You can see how big of a gap the top one has in relation.

lovelucklorelai79We started looking at the option of new windows. We had a local company, Liberty Home Solutions, come out and give us a quote on windows. They are super friendly, and worked around our schedules. Bob, the owner, came to our house, measured all the windows and went over all of the different types and options we had. He was super helpful in showing us our options and letting us make the best decision for us.

I really wanted a bay window in the living room, but those things are dang expensive! So I put aside that dream, and went with sliders in the big windows at the front of the house and double hung in all of the bedrooms. We ordered our windows and they are set for install for the end of February! Once they are installed I will post pictures.

We are also getting a new front entry door and garage door. I’m picking out paint colors right now for the door. I’m thinking of navy blue or a turquoise for the exterior of the door, something like this or this. I’m waiting until the door is installed so I can hang paint swatches and get a good feel for them in the light.

I’m working on updating the fireplace right now and I can’t wait to share that with you guys!