Hi. My name is Laura and I am addicted to my iPhone. For realses. When the new iPhone 5s was announced I squealed like a little girl. I currently had a 4s and was itching for a new iPhone. Then I saw that it came in gold. Oh my Gawd. I quickly informed Dave that I needed it, like right now. So being the crazy bargain shopper (insane penny pincher) that is my husband, he began the quest to get his wifey a new iPhone. All was well in the Schuman clan. And then came the idea:

It all sounded so nice and perfect. Best Buy was buying iPhone 4s’ for $225! That would cover the contract price on a new iPhone 5s!! Glory glory!! The drawback- we had to sell them that day even though the 5s was not released for another 10 days. 10 DAYS?! Are you psycho crazy?? I immediately told Dave “nope. Never. Not doing it.” I think I almost went LOTR and started calling my 4s “my precious” and quietly rocking in the corner with it. But alas, Dave convinced me that going back to our old slider phones for 10 days was a worth while sacrifice for new phones. Oh my was he wrong.

It has now been 22 days since I gave up my iPhone. It sucks. Firstly because I can’t check Instagram every 2.5 seconds. Secondly, because we realized that any other iPhone that had our numbers recognized as iPhones were still trying to send us iMessages instead if text messages. Do you know how many times my mother texts me a day? At least 30. We tight yo. So it wasn’t until about day 7 that I realized my mom hadn’t replied to my texts and that I hadn’t received a daily update of her latest Pinterest craft. That is when it hit me. We figured out that if the other iPhone users held down on the messages as they were sending them they could bring up the option to “send as text message.” Problem solved. Not.

This old slider phone likes to shut off. For no apparent reason. It’s like it knows I hate it and miss my iPhone and it’s trying to sabotage me. Here is an example: it’s my birthday last week. I’m talking to my bro Steve, and my phone shuts off. No big right? I just turn it back on and call him back. All is good. Fast forward to 3:30am when my 6:30am alarm starts going off. WHAT?! Turns out, when my phone shut off it reset the date and time. So it turned back the time (I’m saying it like Jack from Will & Grace. Tihome) three hours and set the date back to 1992. Not sure if you know this about me– don’t get between me and my sleep. I’ll cut you. So I tossed and turned for three hours until my actual alarm went off and then put in an IV of coffee and went to work. It was not my best day.

So I’m still iphoneless and it’s getting worse by the day. I feel disconnected. I don’t like it. Since we sold our phones to Best Buy we got store credit, so we have to buy our new ones there. The thing is, is that Best Buy doesn’t get shipments as often as say AT&T or Verizon. So it’s a waiting game. It’s a call everyday and beg and plead for our new phones. Meh. I’ll be happy when I get my phone. I guess in the meantime I will just search for the perfect phone case.