Thankful for Thanksgiving

Hi Friends.


Its been a while. I know I know. I was slacking on the blog posts. Thanksgiving snuck up on me! As I’ve said before, my family goes camping every year for Thanksgiving. Now most people would label us as crazy. Its cold, we don’t shower, and we sleep in tents/trailers. For me though, it is such a great time to unwind, un-connect, and just enjoy my family.


The land we camp on is my Great Great Grandparents land. It is in the middle of nowhere Arkansas, and it is amazing. The picture below is of the original barn on the property. My siblings and cousins played in the loft when we were little, rehearsing plays, or making some concoctions from some random berries.



Here is my awesome family that camped this year! My Cousin, Uncle, Dad, Mom, Me, Dave, Brother, and Grandma .



We had a great time! We hiked through the woods, went four wheeling, and did some target practice. Dave has only shot a gun a couple times before this, so everyone thought it was hilarious that I was a better shot than him. 🙂




This is when we went hiking through the woods. The woods were clear cut about a year ago, so it was full of brush and briars. Let me tell you traipsing through briars is not the most fun thing. Good thing we all had our Carhartt’s on, otherwise we would have been torn up! Dave even got decked out in Carhartt and orange. I have to say I find it pretty attractive. Maybe its the Jeffco in me 😉



How beautiful is this? The pine trees and open space. I wish I could live here and still be somewhat close to civilization. But back to reality…


My brother and his dog Maui. Maui is a Pit Bull/Border Collie mix. She is so lovey and cuddly. She gives the best puppy kisses.


This was my favorite shot of the weekend. The pond at camp. This picture totally captures how peaceful and awe-inspiring nature is. Truly one of God’s greatest creations.



I tried doing a some long exposures of the night sky, but I couldn’t get any shots that were what I was trying to capture. I think that is going to take some practice. Here is one half-decent shot I got that does not even compare to what the sky actually looked like.



This weekend was a great reminder of how thankful I am for all the blessings I have in my life. My God, my family, friends, my job. Too many things to count. I hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving.

On to Christmas!!!



Holiday Handcrafting

This year I’ve decided to go the DIY or handmade route for Christmas gifts. I’m really excited about it.

I started on the gifts for my nieces- MacKenzie and Morgan this week. I am making them puppets to play with. I found the templates online here at liagriffith. Lia Griffith is about all things handcrafted. She has ideas for everything! I could spend hours and hours on her website! And these Woodland Friends Puppets are super cute. I finished the owl the other day:



I’m really excited to get started on the Rabbit and Bear to go along with the Owl. After I finish those I will start on another project for the girls– Felt Toy Horses. I also found that at lia griffith-you can find it here.

I think handcrafting all these gifts automatically attaches memories to the gifts. The girls will have these gifts for years to come, and they can tell their friends that their Aunt made them. I love stuff like that. One added bonus to DIYing a lot of gifts is that most of them are pretty inexpensive. The materials for the puppets cost under $5! And the Toy Horse material was under $10. Gotta love that! I’m all about saving money all while still giving something worthwhile.

My favorite part about the Holidays is the time spent with family and friends. It is a crazy busy time, but it is always filled with love and laughter. My family always goes camping for Thanksgiving (I know we’re crazy!) and I am super excited for the four days we will spend together- 4 wheeling, playing board games, talking, just sitting around the fire. Its the best! The Hubs birthday is also right before Thanksgiving and I have a special trip planned to St. Louis for it. Dave never spends money on himself, or really does anything for himself, so planning a secret weekend for him is really fun!

I’m looking forward to sharing updates of some of the gifts I’m cooking up- some I won’t share on here because I don’t want to ruin the surprise for some people! Until next time!



Basement Update

I hung up some more art in the basement. Created by none other than my fabulous Momma. She is so crafty, she is constantly texting me pictures of her latest crafting adventure and sending me pins on pinterest of things that remind her of me. When she found out that I gave into Dave and his St. Louis Cardinals theme for the basement, she dove right in and started crafting.


I had thrown a few things up on the wall when we first moved in, a St. Louis print that I got from Etsy, and some old frames that I put fabric in. Easy peasy and it totally made the room feel more homey.


We currently have and old sectional down there that we bought off Craigslist. It’s not the most comfortable or stylish, but it gets the job done until we save up enough money to get the fancy leather one that Dave wants.




On the wall next to the couch, by the window I knew I wanted to hang some art there. I don’t want to hang anything by the TV- 1. I don’t want to distract from the TV and 2. It gives us a little room to rearrange when we get the new sectional. My Mom came up with the perfect thing to hang there:



How cute are these? She didn’t even know that I had already put up chevron in the fabric- I guess its just one of those “Great minds think alike” scenarios. I just got a couple small screws, measured how far out from the window I wanted to hang them and BAM they are up on the wall!




Dave is really starting to like how it is coming together.

A big difference going from this:

House 5


To this:



Here is how we are doing with the basement checklist:

1. Paint walls- We went with the same color as the Living Room/Kitchen/Dining Room. Wheat Bread by Behr. For the time being anyway. I really just wanted the pink gone!

2. Remove French Doors and Install Sliding Doors.

3. Buy a couch- most likely from craigslist. This will be the only place in the house with a TV. Just the way we like it. We eventually want to upgrade to a leather sectional.

4. Dave wants a ping pong table (anyone that wants to challenge him just name the time and place. He is amazing.) But I’m leaning more towards putting in a bar area with a small game table. More functional for Taco Game Nights.

5. New Curtains.

6. DEBUG!!! No one has lived in the house for 3 years, so it needs some major cleaning. There are spiders everywhere! Good thing I’m not afraid of spiders.

7. Update Basement bathroom- the fan in there doesn’t work and the wood paneling walls need some TLC.


I’m working on our Halloween costumes this week and I am SUPER stoked! I can’t wait to share it with you!



Jewelry Storage

I love jewelry. Love it. The problem with that is that I have a metal sensitivity. It sucks. I break out in

this nasty blistery rash if metal is in contact with my skin. Metal sucks…it really really sucks (I picture

that scene from The Waterboy- Water sucks it really really sucks and then there is some arguing about

h2o vs Gatorade…) Some metals are worse than others- nickel for example will create a reaction

within minutes. Others the reaction takes a little bit longer, but it is never fun! I think because I am not

supposed to wear jewelry it makes me want to wear it more. Although, it usually results in a week or

so of nursing my poor ears or fingers back to a non-blistery state. I am also supposed to stay away from

certain foods (high acid foods, dark leafy greens, grains, and nuts). Food doesn’t spark an automatic

reaction, but I can usually tell when I’ve been eating too much of the “bad stuff”- I don’t sleep well, and

I usually start getting a rash on my forearms and hands. The hard part is that I love all of the foods that I

need to stay away from- such is life…sigh.

The main reason for this post is jewelry! I have a little jewelry armoire that sits on my dresser, but I

have a bunch of necklaces that are too long for the armoire and tend to junk it up. It is perfect for my

shorter necklaces, rings, and earrings. It even has this nifty little “caddy” that sits next to it for my dangly

earrings to hang on so I can easily pick them out.



In our old apartment I made this handy “hanger” for my long necklaces. It took me a bit to get it up

in the house, but I finally checked it off my list. It had been sitting on my dresser since we moved in! I

made it from a wooden plaque I got from a thrift store. It was just plain wood, so I drilled two holes in

it and screwed in two knobs I picked up at my local Hobby Lobby (50% off yo!). Then I whipped out my

paint brush and some silver paint and painted the whole thing-including knobs. It took two good coats

to cover. I put a picture hanger on the back so I could hang it. Pretty simple process.



I really like that it is hung behind the jewelry armoire. I can easily access it and all of the necklaces are

visible for easy choosing. I had a couple birds (you can view that post here) that I almost hung on the

wall across from the dresser that I decided to hang above the jewelry hanger. I think it turned out nicely.

Yay for cute organization!




While I was re-organizing my jewelry I came across some crystal costume jewelry my Grandma gave me. I had forgotten about it. It is so beautiful. As I get older I appreciate these gifts more and more. She has these wonderful stories about everything. I was reminded of a pearl necklace she gave me when I graduated from high school. It belonged Grandma’s sister’s, my Aunt Clara. It was originally part of a very long strand of pearls that my Grandma had divided into three necklaces- one for me, my twin sister, and our older sister. Every time I wear it I think of my Grandma and Aunt Clara. It brings back precious memories.




I love collecting items that have a history, especially when they come from my own family. My Mom has researched our ancestry  for years, and I know she has the same love for history and family heirlooms as I do. I am thankful that she taught me the value in keeping things in our family.

I am working on a blog post featuring a family photo-shoot I did last weekend. That should be up sometime next week. I hope you all are having a fabulous week!

Nerks Unite

I know I promised a sneak peek at some artwork I was working on through instagram yesterday…but I kinda ruined it. Whoops. I had three pieces of scrap wood that I arranged together and painted. I went to attach them together and I kinda accidentally maybe screwed through the front of one of the pieces. Dang it. It might be salvageable, but I need the help of the Hubs and he currently has the flu.

So I am bringing you another post and a confession! Dave and I are self proclaimed Nerks. Thats right. Nerk. It is a combination of a Nerd and a Geek-

“An individual who is both a nerd and a geek.”

Dave and I come together to become a big ol’ Nerk. He loves all things Comic Books, and I love all things Sci-Fi/Fantasy. We both have an undying love for Harry Potter. But I’m the one obsessed with Doctor Who- umm 10 please? 10 all day, erry day.



Firefly. Farscape. Stargate. Star Trek. Supernatural. Game of Thrones. Sherlock. Battlestar Galactica. Warehouse 13. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The list keeps going and going and going and going. And that are just the TV shows. Don’t even get me started on the books I read.

Dave hates all of the weird Sci-Fi shows I become obsessed with that get cancelled after one season. I binge on Netflix, and then mourn for a week once I realize its over. See- Alphas, Fringe (more than one season, but it was still pretty short). This is what I tell him:


Give Dave Spiderman, Superman, Batman, etc and he’s a happy guy. He also loves video games- Assassins Creed, GOW, COD, to old school games- you name it he’s probably played it.

We balance each other out in this way. I don’t stand in the way of his comic books and video games, and he lets me watch all my weird sci-fi shows.

So there is a little sneak peek into our weirdo lives 🙂 I love this life, with this man.

Till next time! –L

Fall Finds

Hello There. September kicked my butt. It is all a big blur. A big fun blur, but a blur nonetheless. So here we are October. I have been ready for you. Cool weather, scarves, boots, quiet evenings around a fire pit, and lets not forget HALLOWEEN! Wonderful.

Last weekend we had the pleasure of having Dave’s parents, and sister stay with us. The occasion? Their annual fall trip to see us, and the Fair Grove Heritage Reunion. Its legit. The town of Fair Grove has about 2,000 people living there. During their annual Heritage Reunion people come from all over the Ozarks to take part in the awesomeness, I believe this year there were about 40,000 people there on Saturday, and 30,000 on Sunday. Its crazytown. There are about 400 booths at the festival, which range from crafts, clothing, wood working, food (seriously delicious food), and everything in between.

I picked up these goodies at the festival:


This guy is a chalkboard sign, I have it hanging in the kitchen with little notes written on it. I am by no means a chalkboard artist, so I erased what was written on it. Mostly, Dave and I have been using it to write little notes back and forth to each other. “Have a Good Day Cute (cute is what I call Dave, don’t ask because I don’t know how it started)” or “Catch up witch ya later (quote from She’s the Man).”


This is 48oz of golden honey goodness. I love getting honey from local bee farms. It is soooo much more yummy than the store bought stuff. I bought a big honkin jar because I use it in place of sugar in a lot of baking, so I know it will go to good use before it starts to crystallize.


This one is my favorite. It is a little teapot with chalk paint and a little pumpkin painted on. I have it on my teacup/teapot shelves in the kitchen. I haven’t written or drawn on the chalk paint on it, because I feel like it already has so much character without it.

These little things make me so happy! I love getting new decorations for my house, especially because when I opened up the box of fall decorations this year I realized how few I really had. Going from a 1,000 sqft apartment, to a 2,500 sqft house is a big difference. All of my decorations fit in one room. I was a little depressed, but I have picked up a few things here and there that have carried the fall theme a little farther.

While we were at the festival we chowed down on some delicious food- foot long corn dogs, giant turkey legs, fried green beans, and tornado taters (Its like twisted potato chips that are deepfried and amazing). Unfortunately, I was without my iPhone at that point, and I didn’t want to chance bringing my DSLR to the 40,000 people jam packed festival grounds. So there isn’t any documentation of the day, but sometimes I think its good not to always take pictures of everything and just enjoy the day.

It was definitely a successful weekend! Time with family is always needed, and this definitely fit the bill.


Hi. My name is Laura and I am addicted to my iPhone. For realses. When the new iPhone 5s was announced I squealed like a little girl. I currently had a 4s and was itching for a new iPhone. Then I saw that it came in gold. Oh my Gawd. I quickly informed Dave that I needed it, like right now. So being the crazy bargain shopper (insane penny pincher) that is my husband, he began the quest to get his wifey a new iPhone. All was well in the Schuman clan. And then came the idea:

It all sounded so nice and perfect. Best Buy was buying iPhone 4s’ for $225! That would cover the contract price on a new iPhone 5s!! Glory glory!! The drawback- we had to sell them that day even though the 5s was not released for another 10 days. 10 DAYS?! Are you psycho crazy?? I immediately told Dave “nope. Never. Not doing it.” I think I almost went LOTR and started calling my 4s “my precious” and quietly rocking in the corner with it. But alas, Dave convinced me that going back to our old slider phones for 10 days was a worth while sacrifice for new phones. Oh my was he wrong.

It has now been 22 days since I gave up my iPhone. It sucks. Firstly because I can’t check Instagram every 2.5 seconds. Secondly, because we realized that any other iPhone that had our numbers recognized as iPhones were still trying to send us iMessages instead if text messages. Do you know how many times my mother texts me a day? At least 30. We tight yo. So it wasn’t until about day 7 that I realized my mom hadn’t replied to my texts and that I hadn’t received a daily update of her latest Pinterest craft. That is when it hit me. We figured out that if the other iPhone users held down on the messages as they were sending them they could bring up the option to “send as text message.” Problem solved. Not.

This old slider phone likes to shut off. For no apparent reason. It’s like it knows I hate it and miss my iPhone and it’s trying to sabotage me. Here is an example: it’s my birthday last week. I’m talking to my bro Steve, and my phone shuts off. No big right? I just turn it back on and call him back. All is good. Fast forward to 3:30am when my 6:30am alarm starts going off. WHAT?! Turns out, when my phone shut off it reset the date and time. So it turned back the time (I’m saying it like Jack from Will & Grace. Tihome) three hours and set the date back to 1992. Not sure if you know this about me– don’t get between me and my sleep. I’ll cut you. So I tossed and turned for three hours until my actual alarm went off and then put in an IV of coffee and went to work. It was not my best day.

So I’m still iphoneless and it’s getting worse by the day. I feel disconnected. I don’t like it. Since we sold our phones to Best Buy we got store credit, so we have to buy our new ones there. The thing is, is that Best Buy doesn’t get shipments as often as say AT&T or Verizon. So it’s a waiting game. It’s a call everyday and beg and plead for our new phones. Meh. I’ll be happy when I get my phone. I guess in the meantime I will just search for the perfect phone case.