Plate Wall

I really think the dining room is becoming one of my favorite rooms. I hated the dining area in our old apartment. The laundry closet was right off of it and the kitchen was immediately on the other side. There wasn’t enough room and there really wasn’t any flow. Such is the life in an apartment I guess. Now that we have more room in our current dining area I feel a lot more confident i decorating it.

lovelucklorelai78 lovelucklorelai79 lovelucklorelai81

I have enough room for a china cabinet that I received from my Grandmother and there is enough room on the other side of the table for a buffet! Such a big improvement from apartment living where you can barely squeeze four chairs around a table. I am planning on purchasing a buffet or dresser off craigslist and refinishing it on the blank wall. Which brings me to this project: The Plate Wall.

Of course, this was inspired by something I saw on pinterest. You can see a couple of them here and here. My thought was to take the plate wall and add a buffet to use as extra entertaining space. I still haven’t found a buffet to my liking, but hopefully it will come around soon.

The first step in the plate wall was to collect plates for the wall. This was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be. I found plates from my house, flea markets, thrift stores, and Anthropologie. It took me about 3 months to find 8 plates that I really liked. The next step was finding a way to secure the plates to the wall. There are really two different options when it comes to plate hanging.

There is the wire hanger: this has four grippers that fit on the plate. You can then use the metal frame in the middle to hang on the wall.


This one is an invisible plate hanger: you stick the yellow part to the plate and the metal ring at the top is what you hang it onto the wall with.


They were both about the same price, so that didn’t sway me either way. I really liked the idea of the invisible plate hanger. The metal plate hanger grippers can still be seen from all angles, so for me it wouldn’t be aesthetically pleasing. I bought 8 of the 4″ invisible plate hangers. They are for use with plates up to 12″ in diameter. None of my plates were that big or heavy, but I liked the extra peace of mind with the 4″.

It was really easy to apply them. You wet your fingers and then rub them on the back of the adhesive disk. Once the glue is a bit tacky you apply it to the back of your plate. Let it sit overnight to fully adhere and you are good to go!

To hang the plates on the wall the first thing I did was find the center. My wall happened to be 8×8, so the middle was easy to find. From there I figured out how far up, down, left and right I wanted the plates to be spaced on the wall. I winged it when it actually came to hanging the plates on the wall.

After we had them all hung, we slammed the doors and jumped up and down to make sure they were all secure on the wall.

lovelucklorelai82 lovelucklorelai83 lovelucklorelai80

I really feel that when I get the buffet in there the room will feel almost complete! I am in love with this buffet from my pinterest page. The blue is a bit off from what I have going on, but I feel like it is a good start.

Here is where we started:

House 30

And here is the current state:

lovelucklorelai85 lovelucklorelai86

To Do List for the Dining Room:

1. Paint

2. Plate Wall

3. Stain Table- I really want this table. So I’m thinking after I stain the one we have now it can go in the basement as a game table.

4. A new light fixture- I’m in love with drum shades, so naturally I was attracted to this shade.

5. Add a buffet in a fun color under the plate wall.

6. Rug for under the dining table.

We are making progress people!



Hangin Out

Back in October I posted this picture on my instagram:



I found this treasure at a local flea market. We have about 5,000 flea markets in the Ozarks, so I will tell you that I found it at the STD (I know, its a horrible name) on Trafficway. There are 2 STD’s in Springfield, and I prefer the one off Trafficway. It is smaller and more friendly.

Anyway, I new that I wanted to paint this guy, but I found it in October and it quickly turned cold. Every day I had the time to paint it the weather was too cold. I finally got around to it on an unusually warm day in January. I picked out a navy blue color, to play off of the curtains in the living room.

lovelucklorelai60 lovelucklorelai61



It is a small update, but I love the small amount of character it brings.


Holiday Handcrafting

This year I’ve decided to go the DIY or handmade route for Christmas gifts. I’m really excited about it.

I started on the gifts for my nieces- MacKenzie and Morgan this week. I am making them puppets to play with. I found the templates online here at liagriffith. Lia Griffith is about all things handcrafted. She has ideas for everything! I could spend hours and hours on her website! And these Woodland Friends Puppets are super cute. I finished the owl the other day:



I’m really excited to get started on the Rabbit and Bear to go along with the Owl. After I finish those I will start on another project for the girls– Felt Toy Horses. I also found that at lia griffith-you can find it here.

I think handcrafting all these gifts automatically attaches memories to the gifts. The girls will have these gifts for years to come, and they can tell their friends that their Aunt made them. I love stuff like that. One added bonus to DIYing a lot of gifts is that most of them are pretty inexpensive. The materials for the puppets cost under $5! And the Toy Horse material was under $10. Gotta love that! I’m all about saving money all while still giving something worthwhile.

My favorite part about the Holidays is the time spent with family and friends. It is a crazy busy time, but it is always filled with love and laughter. My family always goes camping for Thanksgiving (I know we’re crazy!) and I am super excited for the four days we will spend together- 4 wheeling, playing board games, talking, just sitting around the fire. Its the best! The Hubs birthday is also right before Thanksgiving and I have a special trip planned to St. Louis for it. Dave never spends money on himself, or really does anything for himself, so planning a secret weekend for him is really fun!

I’m looking forward to sharing updates of some of the gifts I’m cooking up- some I won’t share on here because I don’t want to ruin the surprise for some people! Until next time!



Jewelry Storage

I love jewelry. Love it. The problem with that is that I have a metal sensitivity. It sucks. I break out in

this nasty blistery rash if metal is in contact with my skin. Metal sucks…it really really sucks (I picture

that scene from The Waterboy- Water sucks it really really sucks and then there is some arguing about

h2o vs Gatorade…) Some metals are worse than others- nickel for example will create a reaction

within minutes. Others the reaction takes a little bit longer, but it is never fun! I think because I am not

supposed to wear jewelry it makes me want to wear it more. Although, it usually results in a week or

so of nursing my poor ears or fingers back to a non-blistery state. I am also supposed to stay away from

certain foods (high acid foods, dark leafy greens, grains, and nuts). Food doesn’t spark an automatic

reaction, but I can usually tell when I’ve been eating too much of the “bad stuff”- I don’t sleep well, and

I usually start getting a rash on my forearms and hands. The hard part is that I love all of the foods that I

need to stay away from- such is life…sigh.

The main reason for this post is jewelry! I have a little jewelry armoire that sits on my dresser, but I

have a bunch of necklaces that are too long for the armoire and tend to junk it up. It is perfect for my

shorter necklaces, rings, and earrings. It even has this nifty little “caddy” that sits next to it for my dangly

earrings to hang on so I can easily pick them out.



In our old apartment I made this handy “hanger” for my long necklaces. It took me a bit to get it up

in the house, but I finally checked it off my list. It had been sitting on my dresser since we moved in! I

made it from a wooden plaque I got from a thrift store. It was just plain wood, so I drilled two holes in

it and screwed in two knobs I picked up at my local Hobby Lobby (50% off yo!). Then I whipped out my

paint brush and some silver paint and painted the whole thing-including knobs. It took two good coats

to cover. I put a picture hanger on the back so I could hang it. Pretty simple process.



I really like that it is hung behind the jewelry armoire. I can easily access it and all of the necklaces are

visible for easy choosing. I had a couple birds (you can view that post here) that I almost hung on the

wall across from the dresser that I decided to hang above the jewelry hanger. I think it turned out nicely.

Yay for cute organization!




While I was re-organizing my jewelry I came across some crystal costume jewelry my Grandma gave me. I had forgotten about it. It is so beautiful. As I get older I appreciate these gifts more and more. She has these wonderful stories about everything. I was reminded of a pearl necklace she gave me when I graduated from high school. It belonged Grandma’s sister’s, my Aunt Clara. It was originally part of a very long strand of pearls that my Grandma had divided into three necklaces- one for me, my twin sister, and our older sister. Every time I wear it I think of my Grandma and Aunt Clara. It brings back precious memories.




I love collecting items that have a history, especially when they come from my own family. My Mom has researched our ancestry  for years, and I know she has the same love for history and family heirlooms as I do. I am thankful that she taught me the value in keeping things in our family.

I am working on a blog post featuring a family photo-shoot I did last weekend. That should be up sometime next week. I hope you all are having a fabulous week!

My Grandma is a Hoarder.

My Grandma is a hoarder. In an absolutely fantastic way, however. She has the most amazing treasures hidden in her house. I remember just exploring every inch of her house, looking for something I had not discovered before. Every time I searched I found a lot of things I did not understand at the time. I knew these things had sentimental value to her, but I had no idea that some of them actually had real dollar value.

Now that I have acquired a few of these things from my Grandma’s house, I really don’t care if any of them have a dollar sign attached to them. I just love the fact that I have something that was hers. Something that she most likely bought for 50 cents at a flea market or garage sale. I love that. I love that everything has a story behind it- from the china I got when I was married that used to be her sisters, or the floral painting that she used to have hanging in the entryway that she’s had since forever. Its the memories that are valuable to me.

This weekend I got this little guy:





I told you. My Grandma is seriously awesome. I have a couple others that are happy to bring this guy into the collection.



I am planning on building some shelves to put up in the office from some scrap wood we had leftover from another project. Super excited.

Speaking of the office…the stabmeintheeyes green is finally gone! I was home painting by myself and didn’t think to take pictures during the process, but luckily the previous homeowners left a paint stirrer with the color on it.



I don’t think it gives the full effect of the stabmeintheeyes, but you can definitely tell that the gray we picked out is a lot easier on the eyes. I had to move my desk out into the basement family room to edit pictures because the green jacked with my eyes. I will be glad to get the office put back together! My next project for the office is to strip down the desk and stain it. It has a couple layers of paint on it that are peeling off, and I can see bits of the wood showing through.


Currently, I am working on turning the pallet find into a coffee table. At first glance it didn’t look too dirty, but once I started cleaning it off I realized it was seriously caked in mud. So my scrub brush turned into a hose and sprayer to get the gunk off. My hope is that I finish that up this weekend. I’m off to watch some New Girl!


newgirl1 newgirl2


One of the things I would like to change in the house is the light fixtures. They are all brass, and not in the greatest shape. The first one I wanted to change was the dining room. It was probably in the worst shape of all of them. It has a glass “cage” around the chandelier part that has etched flowers on it. I don’t know about you but the only place I like etched floral glass is at my grandmas house. So my plan was to take off the glass part and the spray paint the chandelier part. Well things did not go well when I tried to take it down.

In the process of trying to take it down something broke-I still haven’t figured out what yet. Whatever it was made the light hang all weird so we just decided to not put it back up.

I wasn’t too heartbroken by that. I had my heart set on a pendant light with a big drum shade. Holy crap. Why is that $100? I really liked one from West Elm but it was $199. Meh. So we took a trip to Lowes to see what we could find.

Ummm can you say a lot of choices that are ugly/overpriced? I saw a tutorial on Pinterest where they took a pendant light kit and put their own shades on. I was game, considering that option was $40 compared to a base price of $100. So we bought a pendant light kit from Lowes and a nice burlap drum shade.

We got it home and I was too excited that I wanted to do it right then and there. Hubby agreed begrudgingly and we got to it. The first thing we had to do was disassemble the pendant light. We had to get it so the shade is sitting on the pendant fitting, so we had to take the wiring out of the metal rod. Then we threaded it back through the rod. It came with mutliple rods so you could adjust how far it hangs from the ceiling.



Once we got that down we turned off the power to the house. Ummm. Yeah. I didn’t take in to account that is was dark outside. We probably should have stopped but Dave has a flashlight app on his iPhone so we kept going. We followed the directions on the pendant light to wire it and it took only about 1 hour from start to finish to do everything. Yay!


I’m pretty happy with the result. Much better than the old brass fixture that was there before.

This weekend we are going house crazy! So basically I’m forcing Dave to take me fall decoration shopping. All of the decorations from our apartment take up one room in the house so we are going shopping! I will be posting pictures to my Instagram, so watch out for that. We also have painting the office on the books and hanging the peg board I painted. So keep an eye out for a painting post!

Have a great Labor Day!!