What I’m Feeling Friday No.5

Hey there again! This week has lasted 5 years, so I am very thankful that Friday is here and the weekend begins soon. Today I am actually going to start with something that I’m NOT feeling. I think everyone will agree with this:

1. Leo still didn’t earn an Oscar! This year he was up for his performance in The Wolf of Wall Street. I haven’t seen the movie, but there hasn’t been a Leo role I didn’t like. He’s been nominated 5 times, and has not won any time! He was in two fantastic movies last year- Wolf of Wall Street and The Great Gatsby. Gatsby was one of the most gorgeous films I have ever seen. Everything was so fantastical and amazing. Love it. Here are the roles Leo has been nominated for:

1994: Nominated in “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape” for Best Actor in a Supporting Role

2005: Nominated in “The Aviator” for Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role

2007: Nominated in “Blood Diamond” for Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role

2014: Nominated in “The Wolf of Wall Street” for Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role and Best Motion Picture of the Year


Now, I will admit that this year he was up against some great contenders (12 Years a Slave, Dallas Buyers Club, etc.). I totally think the winners deserved it. They definitely earned it. But, I’m thinking, this man has been nominated 5 times, FIVE times. Come on, you gotta give this guys an award! He really is my favorite actor, in my book he can do no wrong. I’m really just hoping he doesn’t give up and keeps creating top notch work. Love you Leo!

2. Greys and Scandal are back on! Whoop Whoop! April chose Jackson (there was really no competition there) and I am so excited to see how things play out with Sally Langston on Scandal! I’ve watched both of these shows since day one, and I’ve definitely invested some long hours into Greys. I’m sure Greys will be coming to a close within the next couple seasons, and I am okay with that. Its been a good ride and I would totally be okay if it finished.

3. Ender Game (the movie). I finally got around to watching Enders Game last weekend. Now, the storyline was altered from the book, but I think they did a decent job with their changes. This book isn’t as popular as Harry Potter or Hunger Games, so they needed to appeal to a wider audience that has never heard of the book before. I definitely miss some of the back story that they don’t add into the movie, and I didn’t like some of the things they added (a supposed romantic relationship between Ender and Petra), but overall it wasn’t as bad as I anticipated.

I’m excited for this weekend, just relaxing and catching up on some crafts.



Plate Wall

I really think the dining room is becoming one of my favorite rooms. I hated the dining area in our old apartment. The laundry closet was right off of it and the kitchen was immediately on the other side. There wasn’t enough room and there really wasn’t any flow. Such is the life in an apartment I guess. Now that we have more room in our current dining area I feel a lot more confident i decorating it.

lovelucklorelai78 lovelucklorelai79 lovelucklorelai81

I have enough room for a china cabinet that I received from my Grandmother and there is enough room on the other side of the table for a buffet! Such a big improvement from apartment living where you can barely squeeze four chairs around a table. I am planning on purchasing a buffet or dresser off craigslist and refinishing it on the blank wall. Which brings me to this project: The Plate Wall.

Of course, this was inspired by something I saw on pinterest. You can see a couple of them here and here. My thought was to take the plate wall and add a buffet to use as extra entertaining space. I still haven’t found a buffet to my liking, but hopefully it will come around soon.

The first step in the plate wall was to collect plates for the wall. This was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be. I found plates from my house, flea markets, thrift stores, and Anthropologie. It took me about 3 months to find 8 plates that I really liked. The next step was finding a way to secure the plates to the wall. There are really two different options when it comes to plate hanging.

There is the wire hanger: this has four grippers that fit on the plate. You can then use the metal frame in the middle to hang on the wall.


This one is an invisible plate hanger: you stick the yellow part to the plate and the metal ring at the top is what you hang it onto the wall with.


They were both about the same price, so that didn’t sway me either way. I really liked the idea of the invisible plate hanger. The metal plate hanger grippers can still be seen from all angles, so for me it wouldn’t be aesthetically pleasing. I bought 8 of the 4″ invisible plate hangers. They are for use with plates up to 12″ in diameter. None of my plates were that big or heavy, but I liked the extra peace of mind with the 4″.

It was really easy to apply them. You wet your fingers and then rub them on the back of the adhesive disk. Once the glue is a bit tacky you apply it to the back of your plate. Let it sit overnight to fully adhere and you are good to go!

To hang the plates on the wall the first thing I did was find the center. My wall happened to be 8×8, so the middle was easy to find. From there I figured out how far up, down, left and right I wanted the plates to be spaced on the wall. I winged it when it actually came to hanging the plates on the wall.

After we had them all hung, we slammed the doors and jumped up and down to make sure they were all secure on the wall.

lovelucklorelai82 lovelucklorelai83 lovelucklorelai80

I really feel that when I get the buffet in there the room will feel almost complete! I am in love with this buffet from my pinterest page. The blue is a bit off from what I have going on, but I feel like it is a good start.

Here is where we started:

House 30

And here is the current state:

lovelucklorelai85 lovelucklorelai86

To Do List for the Dining Room:

1. Paint

2. Plate Wall

3. Stain Table- I really want this table. So I’m thinking after I stain the one we have now it can go in the basement as a game table.

4. A new light fixture- I’m in love with drum shades, so naturally I was attracted to this shade.

5. Add a buffet in a fun color under the plate wall.

6. Rug for under the dining table.

We are making progress people!