Feeling Planty

Since I started the little project of growing Tulips/Crocus in vases last week, I’ve been leaning towards all things green. I have two existing plants in my dining room that have need a little facelift for a while. I received them from my Grandma last fall, and I love getting things from my Grandma! They are little succulent plants. They were outside at her place, so they were pretty dirty and in some plain black/green plastic containers.





I’ve been meaning to buy new planters to put them in, but keep forgetting or putting it off to focus on other things. Saturday we had an absolutely beautiful day. It was 65 degrees and glorious! I organized the garage and got to work on this project!

I decided to try spray painting the containers a fun color so they would pop a bit more. To protect the plants I put some plastic bags around them and the dirt. Ideally you would paint the containers before planting, but I did it the other way around since they came to me already painted.



I used two plastic bags and some painters tape to secure the bags over the plants and dirt so that the spray paint wouldn’t get on them. I chose two spray paints that I had on hand since this was a spur of the moment project. One was Valspur called “Deep Sea Blue” and the other was Rustoleum silver metallic spray paint.





I painted the two pots the blue and the bowl the silver. Each one took two coats for full coverage. The pots had writing on them, so that was the main reason for the two coats.

After letting them dry for 30 minutes I brought them back inside and put them back on the china cabinet. I love the result!

lovelucklorelai75 lovelucklorelai76 lovelucklorelai77


They look much more cheerful and finished! I’m very happy with the results.



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