We have a very odd way to get into our crawl space. There is a door in the basement that allows access to the crawl space. Its been a bit of an eye sore since we moved in.

lovelucklorelai81I thought of staining the wood a darker color or painting it white (we are planning on painting the trim white soon), but finally decided to paint it the same color as the walls. With it being it the same color as the walls it would blend in and not be as noticeable.

I started by taking the doors and hinges off and laying them out on a tarp. I primed the wood doors and trim with 1 coat and 3 coats of paint. The paint color is Wheat Bread by Behr.

lovelucklorelai83 lovelucklorelai84

I used some leftover metallic spray paint to cover the hardware, they were previously gold.


After letting it all dry for about half a day I put it all back up.


lovelucklorelai88 lovelucklorelai89I feel like it is a much fresher look, and it definitely blends in to the wall more than it did before. You might notice something new next to the T.V. Dave bought me an electric fireplace for the basement. It has been wonderful these past few days having it to make the space a little cosier. I plan to make it a bit more substantial by adding some more moulding to it and building a bigger mantle around it. It does have actual wood around it, so I might paint/stain it in the future so it matches more with our other furniture.

Overall, I think this is a big improvement. I’m very pleased with how it turned out!







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