What I’m Feeling Friday

I am starting a new series called “What I’m Feeling Friday.” Welcome to the first one. I am going to share the things that I am feeling, whether it be home decor, clothing, or entertainment or a combination of all three.

First. Bruno Mars’ performance at the Super Bowl. Dang. I was really expecting to be disappointed. I was proved wrong. So wrong.

Bruno Mars

He rocked it. It was flashy and fun. I loved the matching gold jackets from Saint Laurent and the 70’s band vibe they had going on. I also loved that he didn’t go all sex and raunchy-which he is totally capable of, have you heard his song Gorilla? Its gross. It made me happy that he didn’t go there, because lets be honest (does anyone else think of Pitch Perfect every time someone says that?) there are children watching. Bruno was great live- he sounded great, and did you see that foot work he had going on? Dang son.

Second. Kelly Moore Bags. Legit. I have been drooling over this bag for a while–


It has space for my camera equipment, iPad, and the other 15 things I feel like I need to carry with me. Plus how gorgeous is this color? Dying. I’ve been hinting to the Hubs for Valentine’s Day, but for us we tend to go for smaller gifts for V-Day so I’m not banking on it.




I’m really thinking of adding an accent wall in the living room. Its feeling a little bland in there and I think the best way to add some interest would be to paint the wall the fireplace is on. We’ll see after we get the windows and doors done how I’m feeling.

Were any of you feeling Bruno’s performance on Sunday?



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