It’s Drafty Yo…

When we were first interested in our current house we had an inspection done. During that inspection we were told that our windows were old and that they would need to be replaced in a few years. Ha. We realized on moving day that a few of the windows actually didn’t function properly at all. They are old crank windows and the cranks started going bad on 3 of the windows. You can open the windows, but the cranks won’t pull the windows closed again. Which is problematic for the 2nd story windows. We can’t exactly reach the 2nd story windows- even with a ladder.

We figured that 3 out of 10 windows not working was something we could deal with for a while. Back in November, I was setting up the Christmas tree in front of the windows in the living room and I felt a cold draft. I started looking closer at the windows and noticed that one of the windows wasn’t closed all the way. As I tried to close it I realized that it would not close. Dave and I both tried a number of ways to close the windows and had no success.

There was about an inch gap in the window just letting cold air in. I couldn’t believe we didn’t notice earlier. It all started to come together when we found the air leaks. The floors on the main level were always icy cold. It seemed we could never make it warm enough. We bought weather stripping and sealed the leaks as best we could.

This is one of the windows that had an air leak. We did our best to stuff it with weather stripping.


Here is a window without a leak. You can see how big of a gap the top one has in relation.

lovelucklorelai79We started looking at the option of new windows. We had a local company, Liberty Home Solutions, come out and give us a quote on windows. They are super friendly, and worked around our schedules. Bob, the owner, came to our house, measured all the windows and went over all of the different types and options we had. He was super helpful in showing us our options and letting us make the best decision for us.

I really wanted a bay window in the living room, but those things are dang expensive! So I put aside that dream, and went with sliders in the big windows at the front of the house and double hung in all of the bedrooms. We ordered our windows and they are set for install for the end of February! Once they are installed I will post pictures.

We are also getting a new front entry door and garage door. I’m picking out paint colors right now for the door. I’m thinking of navy blue or a turquoise for the exterior of the door, something like this or this. I’m waiting until the door is installed so I can hang paint swatches and get a good feel for them in the light.

I’m working on updating the fireplace right now and I can’t wait to share that with you guys!



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