What I’m Feeling Friday Vol. 4

Hello again. Here are a few things I’m digging this week:

1. These initial necklaces from the etsy shop OliveYewJewels. I love that they are lowercase and thicker than some other initials I’ve seen. I also love the play on words in their name-OliveYewJewels…get it? I love you Jewels. So fun. They make an assortment of jewelry, and I want all of it. If you follow their Facebook page you get 10% off your first order!

initial necklace

2. Chive and Onion cream cheese. I discovered it at Aldi this week and I am hooked! My favorite way to eat it lately is to put it on some sandwich skinnies with some honey ham. So good. I feel like I could eat 12 a day.

3. My hands have been so dry lately its painful. I work in the warehouse once a week at work and every time I would even get near paper I swear I got 15 paper cuts. I stocked up on The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector and it has given me so much relief! If you don’t like the smell of Hemp they have other options like almond and wild rose. I just picked up Hemp because a friend recommended it, I think next time I will go with almond. I feel like it is usually a safe choice when it comes to fragrance.

We are supposed to get some nasty winter weather this weekend- snow, sleet, and ice oh my! Hopefully we don’t get hit too hard with ice, that is my least favorite! It will make for plenty of opportunity to snuggle up with a good book though! Plus the Academy Awards are on Sunday so it will give me an excuse to stay in and watch.




Update:: Flowers in Vase

The Tulips and Crocus are sprouting! It only took a few days for the roots to start growing, and now the stem is coming up too!


Excuse the towels, there is a bad air leak in that window and weather stripping we put in isn’t cutting it. The new windows should be installed in 2 weeks!


Look at the back one! It is shooting off like a rocket! It is so exciting to see these guys grow, life is amazing.


El Hubs thinks the roots make the bulbs look like aliens. Haha. I think I agree with him!



Feeling Planty

Since I started the little project of growing Tulips/Crocus in vases last week, I’ve been leaning towards all things green. I have two existing plants in my dining room that have need a little facelift for a while. I received them from my Grandma last fall, and I love getting things from my Grandma! They are little succulent plants. They were outside at her place, so they were pretty dirty and in some plain black/green plastic containers.





I’ve been meaning to buy new planters to put them in, but keep forgetting or putting it off to focus on other things. Saturday we had an absolutely beautiful day. It was 65 degrees and glorious! I organized the garage and got to work on this project!

I decided to try spray painting the containers a fun color so they would pop a bit more. To protect the plants I put some plastic bags around them and the dirt. Ideally you would paint the containers before planting, but I did it the other way around since they came to me already painted.



I used two plastic bags and some painters tape to secure the bags over the plants and dirt so that the spray paint wouldn’t get on them. I chose two spray paints that I had on hand since this was a spur of the moment project. One was Valspur called “Deep Sea Blue” and the other was Rustoleum silver metallic spray paint.





I painted the two pots the blue and the bowl the silver. Each one took two coats for full coverage. The pots had writing on them, so that was the main reason for the two coats.

After letting them dry for 30 minutes I brought them back inside and put them back on the china cabinet. I love the result!

lovelucklorelai75 lovelucklorelai76 lovelucklorelai77


They look much more cheerful and finished! I’m very happy with the results.


What I’m Feeling Friday no. 3

Hello there again! Welcome to the 3rd edition of ‘What I’m Feeling Friday.’ I’m just here to share the things that I’m digging (do people still say that?). Anyway, here we go!

1. Downton Abbey. Have you watched it? It is amazing. It makes me wish I lived in the early 1900’s in England. Well, minus the war and everything, but I’ll take all the other. The Dowager Countess is so witty and sassy. I love it.



I’m beginning Season 3 right now, so no spoilers please! I know something bad happens at the end of the season and I want to find out for myself! If you are ready to go off into the fantastical world that is the early 1900’s, filled with servant drama, and scandal that in today’s world is everyday happenstance, then buckle your seatbelt and join the ride!

2. Herringbone Floor Tile.

herringbone tile


Our master bath has carpet in it and it is really gross. I daydream about some creamy gray/white herringbone tile to replace it. Check out my pinterest boards for more herringbone styles.

3. Sweet Potatoes. How delicious! I hated them when I was a kid, and now I can’t get enough! I would have them in a car, I would have them in a bar, I would like them cooked with steak or even baked. Wait. I started to go Dr. Seuss on you. Sorry. My favorite way to have them is in the form of fries. Ooh baby. All you have to do to get them crispy is toss them with a bit of olive oil and cornstarch and then bake them. Crispy, golden goodness. All day, errday.

4. The Justin Timberlake Pandora station. It plays a great mix of upbeat tunes for when I need a little pep in my step. It plays a good variety of JT, Michael Jackson, N’SYNC, and every collaboration between JT and Jay-Z. In my world JT and Jay-Z can do no wrong when they team up. It is amazing.


Growing Bulb Flowers in a Vase

I’ve seen many places over the internet that have advertised growing bulb flowers in a vase. The idea is that you can cut the flowers off and keep regrowing them, essentially having fresh flowers in your home year round. Winter has been especially harsh this year, so I’ve been missing things of color. Even though they always die, flowers to me are a thoughtful gift that I always appreciate. So, after El Hubs gave me a gorgeous arrangement in an even more gorgeous vase, I decided I needed some life brought back into the house.



How amazing is this vase? I’m so excited to use it again and again!

I don’t have the greenest thumb, so this is definitely a test to see how long I can keep these things alive.

The first step in this process is to gather your supplies:



I used Tulip and Crocus bulbs, bought at Lowes. For my filler I used sea glass from Michaels, and then 2 vases that I already had at the house. The total was $15, but if you need to buy vases you need to account for more.

The next step is filling the vase about a 1/3 of the way with the filler. You can use marbles, rocks, or like I did sea glass. It all depends on how you want it to look.



From there add the bulbs in, with the pointy side facing up. I did one vase of crocus and one vase of tulips, but if you wanted to you could mix them.



Then add fresh water to the vase, but make sure it does not actually touch the bulbs. You don’t want to submerge them in water.



See how on mine the water is just barely not touching the bulbs? Aim for that, or even a little less water.

Put the vases in a sunny window and wait for them to grow! You should see roots sprouting within a couple days.



I’ll let you know how mine turn out! I’m excited at the prospect of having some life in the house! It seems that winter has finally let up here, and we are actually in the high 50’s and low 60’s this week! I know Gizmo is especially excited about the warm weather, he has been spending a lot of time outside lately chasing the squirrels. I know a lot of us were starting to get cabin fever from being cooped up in our houses for so long, I know I am planning on taking full advantage of the warmer weather!


We have a very odd way to get into our crawl space. There is a door in the basement that allows access to the crawl space. Its been a bit of an eye sore since we moved in.

lovelucklorelai81I thought of staining the wood a darker color or painting it white (we are planning on painting the trim white soon), but finally decided to paint it the same color as the walls. With it being it the same color as the walls it would blend in and not be as noticeable.

I started by taking the doors and hinges off and laying them out on a tarp. I primed the wood doors and trim with 1 coat and 3 coats of paint. The paint color is Wheat Bread by Behr.

lovelucklorelai83 lovelucklorelai84

I used some leftover metallic spray paint to cover the hardware, they were previously gold.


After letting it all dry for about half a day I put it all back up.


lovelucklorelai88 lovelucklorelai89I feel like it is a much fresher look, and it definitely blends in to the wall more than it did before. You might notice something new next to the T.V. Dave bought me an electric fireplace for the basement. It has been wonderful these past few days having it to make the space a little cosier. I plan to make it a bit more substantial by adding some more moulding to it and building a bigger mantle around it. It does have actual wood around it, so I might paint/stain it in the future so it matches more with our other furniture.

Overall, I think this is a big improvement. I’m very pleased with how it turned out!






What I’m Feeling Friday No.2

1. This week I’m feeling Trader Joes. For real yo. We don’t have one here in Springfield, MO, and it is very depressing. They have Charles Shaw wine (Two Buck Chuck anyone??), Puff Corn, amazing selection of chocolate, and anything else your stomach heart desires. I had to go up to Kansas City for work this past weekend and I made sure I stopped in there before I came home. Our best friends are obsessed as well, so I made sure to stock them up too. Some of our favorites are: Trader Joe Joes (delicious snack cookies with better ingredients), sriracha-spicy sauce that goes with everything/on everything, puff corn-if you haven’t tried it you need to. Its heaven! And last but not least- Charles Shaw wine. It is amazing. They go in after each wine season in California, buy up all of the leftover grapes and make wine. Some years are better than others, but its only $2.99, so you aren’t shelling out a bunch of money for something that “might” be good.

When I went on Monday before I came back I loaded up with 2 cases of wine and a ton of sriracha. The cashier gave me a pretty weird look until I mentioned I live out of town. Then he pretty much understood I was stockin’ up on the good stuff until I could come back again. Moral of the story- Trader Joe’s is legit.

2. T-Shirts with witty phrases on them. Case in point: this shirt from lookhuman.com.

math shirt

and this shirt from ThugLifeShirts on Etsy. They pretty much have a shirt for every aspect of life.

hungry shirt

3. The oxford comma. I’m serious peeps. It is an important part of life. See below example:

oxford comma

Plus, Hugh Jackman appreciates the oxford comma. That should be reason enough to use it.

hugh comma

4. 2013 SOCHI OLYMPICS!!!!!!!

I love the Olympics. For real. Nothing makes me feel like an American like the Olympics. All of the athletes coming together, supporting each other, and just rocking it at their events. Have you seen Meryl Davis and Charlie White in the Free Dance? Chills. It gives me chills. Go Check it out here.

That is most likely how I will be spending my entire weekend. OLYMPICS for the win!