Holiday Pictures

Do you have a friend that you know will be up for taking pictures all the time? I have one-Lauren. A few weeks ago I thought back to 2011 when I did a holiday photo shoot with them. Lauren and her husband, Cameron got gussied up and we went down to Branson. That sounds really lame, but Branson is amazing around Christmas time. Everything in that town is lit up with Christmas lights, and decorated with all things Christmas. It is pretty perfect, as long as you are patient enough to wait for a bunch of tourists to go by to get your shot. Here are a couple shots from that shoot:



This year I had another idea–lets go down to Branson and take pictures of each other. That way we both have fun pictures for our Christmas cards. We made it into a double date- take pictures, eat delicious sushi, and then walk around down on The Landing (a shopping strip in downtown Branson).

It was such a fun day! Our husbands are ridiculous when they get together- mostly getting in trouble with me and Lauren for the ridiculous things they decide to do…It seriously is such a blessing to have them as friends. It is hard to find a couple where everyone gets along. Let me tell you, we all get along great! Yay friends!

Look at these cuties::





This is where the fun started::










Needless to say, we had a great time. And we got some great shots for our Christmas cards! People around us were actually taking pictures of us taking pictures of each other! One lady told Cameron he was “Saxy,” not sexy, saxy. Does that mean he looks like a saxophone? We may never know.



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