Wonder Woman and Sheldon Cooper

This year Dave and I went as Wonder Woman and Sheldon Cooper for Halloween. I love making our Halloween costumes. It is like a challenge every year to see what we can come up with and how much of it we can make on our own.

Last year Dave and I had two different costumes. We had two parties to go to, so I figured- Why Not?

Ron Burgundy & Veronica Corningstone. This was super fun! We got Dave’s suit at a thrift shop and I already had the pink tweed blazer and skirt (I have no idea why). The awful blonde wig I’m wearing is from a Halloween store. Not the best Veronica wig, but this was honestly the best one I could find that wasn’t $50.


The next night we went as “Jack and Jill after we fell down the hill.” It is always fun to take something “normal” and make it bloody for Halloween. We already owned everything for these costumes, so it was an easy go.


Two years ago we didn’t go as a “couple” with our costumes. That was the original plan- I went as Mary Poppins and Dave was supposed to go as Bert, but we couldn’t find the stuff we needed for his costume at the local thrift store. Partly because the selection wasn’t good, and partly because we waited until the day before to search. Dave’s best friend Marcus was going as Batman, so Dave decided to go as Robin. We had everything for the costume at home. We used one of Dave’s green t-shirts, and then cut the sleeves off an old red shirt he had. His “cape” is actually one of my cardigans buttoned around his neck. The ‘R’ on his shirt is just construction paper taped to his shirt. Super easy. They had so much fun!


My Mary Poppins costume was also really easy. I used a black skirt, red belt, white button down, and a red bow tie for my costume. I also had a black umbrella that I carried around. Everything was free yo!


This year I really wanted to go as a comic book character. Just a note for if you are researching girl comic book costumes- all of them are really slutty. All of them. I don’t know about you, but I don’t use Halloween as an excuse to leave the house practically naked. #1. Its usually cold at Halloween, so freezing my butt off doesn’t sound like fun to me. #2. Halloween for our group of friends usually involves games and dancing. I like being fully dressed for those activities.

Dave’s costume was ridiculously easy. He already had everything in his closet to be Sheldon. He is a comic book nerd and often times can be seen in a shirt of some character or another.


My costume involved a little more time and effort, but honestly it wasn’t that hard. I started with the tulle skirt.

I picked up 5 yards of royal blue tulle from the local fabric store- it was 99 cents a yard so it cost me 5 bucks.


I folded the tulle and cut it into strips about a foot in length. It took me about fifteen minutes to cut all of it.


I took a belt I already had and tied each piece onto the belt. I bunched it up together and fluffed it up until I got it nice and full. I used all five yards, I probably could have used more, but I only had the 5 and it wasn’t a big enough deal to go get more.



Then I took some poster board that I bought for the cuffs and headband and I drew stars on them. I filled them in with some silver paint and then cut them out.



I got by trusty glue gun and hot glued the stars to the tulle. I wish I would have had more poster board to make more stars, but alas I ran out. And like the tulle I didn’t feel like it ruined anything so I just trudged on.

I started on the cuffs and headband next. I just drew the shape of the cuffs and headband on the poster board and then cut them out. I wasn’t very specific or particular. I just went with it.




I did the same for the headband- just sketched it out really quickly and cut it out. Then I got some red craft paint I had laying around and painted some stars on.


The shirt was the last step. I used an old navy blue t-shirt that was kind of pilly and I haven’t worn in a while. I looked up the Wonder Woman “logo” and sketched it on the shirt with a black permanent marker. Then I filled it in with some yellow craft paint.ย lovelucklorelai58 lovelucklorelai57

And Voila!! We had our finished costumes!

lovelucklorelai56 lovelucklorelai55

Unfortunately, I came down with a killer cold, so we only stayed at the party for a couple hours. I will get to wear it again on Thursday at work, so all is not lost. There were some killer costumes at the party this year- The Mad Hatter and the Red Queen, a zombie Gilligan and Skipper, and so much more.




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