Basement Update

I hung up some more art in the basement. Created by none other than my fabulous Momma. She is so crafty, she is constantly texting me pictures of her latest crafting adventure and sending me pins on pinterest of things that remind her of me. When she found out that I gave into Dave and his St. Louis Cardinals theme for the basement, she dove right in and started crafting.


I had thrown a few things up on the wall when we first moved in, a St. Louis print that I got from Etsy, and some old frames that I put fabric in. Easy peasy and it totally made the room feel more homey.


We currently have and old sectional down there that we bought off Craigslist. It’s not the most comfortable or stylish, but it gets the job done until we save up enough money to get the fancy leather one that Dave wants.




On the wall next to the couch, by the window I knew I wanted to hang some art there. I don’t want to hang anything by the TV- 1. I don’t want to distract from the TV and 2. It gives us a little room to rearrange when we get the new sectional. My Mom came up with the perfect thing to hang there:



How cute are these? She didn’t even know that I had already put up chevron in the fabric- I guess its just one of those “Great minds think alike” scenarios. I just got a couple small screws, measured how far out from the window I wanted to hang them and BAM they are up on the wall!




Dave is really starting to like how it is coming together.

A big difference going from this:

House 5


To this:



Here is how we are doing with the basement checklist:

1. Paint walls- We went with the same color as the Living Room/Kitchen/Dining Room. Wheat Bread by Behr. For the time being anyway. I really just wanted the pink gone!

2. Remove French Doors and Install Sliding Doors.

3. Buy a couch- most likely from craigslist. This will be the only place in the house with a TV. Just the way we like it. We eventually want to upgrade to a leather sectional.

4. Dave wants a ping pong table (anyone that wants to challenge him just name the time and place. He is amazing.) But I’m leaning more towards putting in a bar area with a small game table. More functional for Taco Game Nights.

5. New Curtains.

6. DEBUG!!! No one has lived in the house for 3 years, so it needs some major cleaning. There are spiders everywhere! Good thing I’m not afraid of spiders.

7. Update Basement bathroom- the fan in there doesn’t work and the wood paneling walls need some TLC.


I’m working on our Halloween costumes this week and I am SUPER stoked! I can’t wait to share it with you!




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