To DIY or not DIY?

I’m putting together a full blog post for tomorrow but today I just thought I would drop in with, well, some thoughts.

Do you ever fall into the category of “I can make that myself” because you don’t like the price tag you find on something at the store? I know I do. Especially when I am with my husband. He is mister penny pincher, so if he thinks DIY is the cheaper route then he usually nixes the store bought item. The problem with that is- there isn’t a whole lot of extra time for DIY. So then I find myself frustrated that I didn’t buy said item in the first place. My philosophy is, if you want something but don’t want to make it yourself, wait for a sale or coupon to discount the item.

I am a sale fanatic. I almost never buy anything full price, and most of the time a regular sale price won’t cut it. I wait for end of season clearance-at least 50% off. That does mean that I wait longer for some things, but in the long run my bank account thanks me. I mostly do this with clothes, but the occasional home decor item does hit the clearance only list. When it comes to home decor I usually just stick to sale prices, since judging when something will be on clearance (if it ever gets there) can be tricky. If it is a big ticket item I usually start buttering Dave up months in advance, so when the actual purchase (I really hate the word purchase, not sure why but I do) comes around he is okay with it.

Anyway, those are just a few of my thoughts on DIY vs already made/store bought items. I am currently on the search for curtains for the living room and I am thinking I will be going the DIY route on this one. I can’t seem to find a print I like that is in my budget. So off to the fabric store I go!



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