The front door was looking a bit drab, so I decided to take some decor I had up in the apartment and put it above the door.



I usually don’t like decorating with words. “Live, Laugh Love” makes me want to jump off a bridge. I can’t describe exactly why I don’t like phrases or words hanging out in my house, but it just doesn’t sit right. I do make a few exceptions though. Like the mail organizer next to the door. I’m all about anything that encourages organization.

lovelucklorelai6Excuse Gizmo, he just really wanted attention when I was taking pictures. I made these letters when we lived in our apartment. I found them at a local thrift store. They had these old paper clippings decoupaged on them. I removed that and painted them. Then cut out the letters with scrapbook paper and glued them on. They already had little rings attached to them, which makes them easy for hanging.



The lighting by the door is awful. The hanging light there provides hardly any light, and it doesn’t get a lot of natural light from the front windows. Eventually, I would like to get a new front door with a window. Something like this or this. But for now, I think the letters have found a nice “home” above the door.

On another note, some of my fav shows are on tonight! Vampire Diaries (love me some Damon), Greys Anatomy, and Scandal–OBSESSED, how will Olivia fix this situation? I really want her and Scott Foley to get together, and I’m pretty sure Quinn is turning into a serial killer.



See ya later! ย  –L



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