I am a bargain shopper. I love shopping the clearance racks. Finding a good deal gives me a high, and Black Friday is like the marathon you train all year for. It is awesome. Dave’s sister, Sarah, is the same way. The Schuman girls at an outlet mall or TJ Maxx? You better watch out. We will run you down.

When Sarah was here a couple weekends ago for the Fair Grove Heritage Reunion we went shopping. I picked up a few “treasures” from TJ Maxx.


I picked up this pound sign or hashtag if you will, at TJ for $3. I am going to use it in the office once I get it put together. BTW- if you haven’t watched the hashtag video from Jimmy Fallon, go do it. Right now. Follow this link here to watch it. And while you are at it, watch this video of Joseph Gordon Levitt lip syncing. I love me some JGL.


I also found these little mugs at TJ. Each for $3 as well. I realized the other day that we only owned either really small ikea coffee cups, or the christmas mug that I keep out year round (it really is a perfect size). So I went on the hunt for a couple cute mugs for when we have guests over. I love the shape of the ‘S’ mug, it is a great size, and it is super cute. The simplicity of the ‘coffee’ mug is pretty great in my opinion.


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