Hall Bathroom Update

Remember this ugly guy from when we first moved in?

House 11

That wallpaper was awful! I am so glad that we now have wallpaperless walls! We ripped down all of the wallpaper, painted, and replaced some of the fixtures.

_DSC8414 _DSC8417 _DSC8415

Such a big difference. I still knew something wasn’t right though. It needed a new shower curtain. So off to search I went. I didn’t want to pay $40+ for a shower curtain so I was on the lookout for a bargain. I searched high and low for about a month before I finally found one! For $9 at Target (It was on clearance)! And it has made such a huge difference! The bathroom feels much brighter and happier now.





I love how the leaf on the wall matches the teal from the shower curtain. I was a little worried that the navy blue would make the room feel dark, but it doesn’t at all. The lights are really bright in there and the mirror is HUGE, so I think it allows for a darker curtain. It’s crazy how something so simple can change how you feel about a room. I still need to get new shower hooks- I forgot to pick those up when I got the shower curtain. Silly me.

Here is an update on the To Do List for this bathroom:

1. Remove Wallpaper and Paint (we chose reflecting pool by Behr- its a really light gray blue).

2. Replace Towel bar and toilet paper holder. Add hand towel ring.

3. New Shower Curtain

4. Replace blue countertops. They are old and they are definitely porous-they stain easily.

5. Stain or Paint Cabinets- I think I am leaning towards painting, a solid gray color with black hardware?? Something like this or this.

6. New Tile floor- get outta here linoleum! I really love this and this

We are planning on replacing all of the countertops in the bathrooms in the spring. We haven’t even started looking at options yet, so we will see what we come up with.


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