Fall Finds

Hello There. September kicked my butt. It is all a big blur. A big fun blur, but a blur nonetheless. So here we are October. I have been ready for you. Cool weather, scarves, boots, quiet evenings around a fire pit, and lets not forget HALLOWEEN! Wonderful.

Last weekend we had the pleasure of having Dave’s parents, and sister stay with us. The occasion? Their annual fall trip to see us, and the Fair Grove Heritage Reunion. Its legit. The town of Fair Grove has about 2,000 people living there. During their annual Heritage Reunion people come from all over the Ozarks to take part in the awesomeness, I believe this year there were about 40,000 people there on Saturday, and 30,000 on Sunday. Its crazytown. There are about 400 booths at the festival, which range from crafts, clothing, wood working, food (seriously delicious food), and everything in between.

I picked up these goodies at the festival:


This guy is a chalkboard sign, I have it hanging in the kitchen with little notes written on it. I am by no means a chalkboard artist, so I erased what was written on it. Mostly, Dave and I have been using it to write little notes back and forth to each other. “Have a Good Day Cute (cute is what I call Dave, don’t ask because I don’t know how it started)” or “Catch up witch ya later (quote from She’s the Man).”


This is 48oz of golden honey goodness. I love getting honey from local bee farms. It is soooo much more yummy than the store bought stuff. I bought a big honkin jar because I use it in place of sugar in a lot of baking, so I know it will go to good use before it starts to crystallize.


This one is my favorite. It is a little teapot with chalk paint and a little pumpkin painted on. I have it on my teacup/teapot shelves in the kitchen. I haven’t written or drawn on the chalk paint on it, because I feel like it already has so much character without it.

These little things make me so happy! I love getting new decorations for my house, especially because when I opened up the box of fall decorations this year I realized how few I really had. Going from a 1,000 sqft apartment, to a 2,500 sqft house is a big difference. All of my decorations fit in one room. I was a little depressed, but I have picked up a few things here and there that have carried the fall theme a little farther.

While we were at the festival we chowed down on some delicious food- foot long corn dogs, giant turkey legs, fried green beans, and tornado taters (Its like twisted potato chips that are deepfried and amazing). Unfortunately, I was without my iPhone at that point, and I didn’t want to chance bringing my DSLR to the 40,000 people jam packed festival grounds. So there isn’t any documentation of the day, but sometimes I think its good not to always take pictures of everything and just enjoy the day.

It was definitely a successful weekend! Time with family is always needed, and this definitely fit the bill.


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