My Grandma is a Hoarder.

My Grandma is a hoarder. In an absolutely fantastic way, however. She has the most amazing treasures hidden in her house. I remember just exploring every inch of her house, looking for something I had not discovered before. Every time I searched I found a lot of things I did not understand at the time. I knew these things had sentimental value to her, but I had no idea that some of them actually had real dollar value.

Now that I have acquired a few of these things from my Grandma’s house, I really don’t care if any of them have a dollar sign attached to them. I just love the fact that I have something that was hers. Something that she most likely bought for 50 cents at a flea market or garage sale. I love that. I love that everything has a story behind it- from the china I got when I was married that used to be her sisters, or the floral painting that she used to have hanging in the entryway that she’s had since forever. Its the memories that are valuable to me.

This weekend I got this little guy:





I told you. My Grandma is seriously awesome. I have a couple others that are happy to bring this guy into the collection.



I am planning on building some shelves to put up in the office from some scrap wood we had leftover from another project. Super excited.

Speaking of the office…the stabmeintheeyes green is finally gone! I was home painting by myself and didn’t think to take pictures during the process, but luckily the previous homeowners left a paint stirrer with the color on it.



I don’t think it gives the full effect of the stabmeintheeyes, but you can definitely tell that the gray we picked out is a lot easier on the eyes. I had to move my desk out into the basement family room to edit pictures because the green jacked with my eyes. I will be glad to get the office put back together! My next project for the office is to strip down the desk and stain it. It has a couple layers of paint on it that are peeling off, and I can see bits of the wood showing through.


Currently, I am working on turning the pallet find into a coffee table. At first glance it didn’t look too dirty, but once I started cleaning it off I realized it was seriously caked in mud. So my scrub brush turned into a hose and sprayer to get the gunk off. My hope is that I finish that up this weekend. I’m off to watch some New Girl!


newgirl1 newgirl2


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