Artwork in the Bedroom

The Master was feeling a bit drab with no artwork on the wall. I had some frames and small shelves that my sister in law gave me. She pretty much gets me. I feel like any time there is gift giving we always try to make it personal and unique. She always hits it right on the head. Every time.

So her housewarming gift to me was an assortment of frames and shelves she got at a thrift store. So sweet. And perfect.

photo 3

They started out all just plain wood, but I wanted to spruce them up a bit. I got white, yellow, and blue spray paint. I was trying to match our bedspread, but I did not have success. The blue is more of a dusty blue, and the yellow is more of a mustard.

photo 2

I decided to go ahead and hang them anyway because I just felt like the room was screaming out for something bright and fun on the walls. I can always paint them later I figure.

photo 4

I started hanging based on the layout I made on the floor in the picture above. I had my trusty assistant (The Hubs) to give me a hand.

photo 5

Here is the finished product: I decided not to put the birds up, i felt like there wasn’t enough room and didn’t work right once everything else was up on the wall.

photo 3

photo 2

My next project is to conquer the headboard. I really like something like this and this. We have a photoshoot coming up and I’m really excited to get some prints made to hang above our nightstands. This weekend we are decorating for fall and I am uber excited!!


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