One of the things I would like to change in the house is the light fixtures. They are all brass, and not in the greatest shape. The first one I wanted to change was the dining room. It was probably in the worst shape of all of them. It has a glass “cage” around the chandelier part that has etched flowers on it. I don’t know about you but the only place I like etched floral glass is at my grandmas house. So my plan was to take off the glass part and the spray paint the chandelier part. Well things did not go well when I tried to take it down.

In the process of trying to take it down something broke-I still haven’t figured out what yet. Whatever it was made the light hang all weird so we just decided to not put it back up.

I wasn’t too heartbroken by that. I had my heart set on a pendant light with a big drum shade. Holy crap. Why is that $100? I really liked one from West Elm but it was $199. Meh. So we took a trip to Lowes to see what we could find.

Ummm can you say a lot of choices that are ugly/overpriced? I saw a tutorial on Pinterest where they took a pendant light kit and put their own shades on. I was game, considering that option was $40 compared to a base price of $100. So we bought a pendant light kit from Lowes and a nice burlap drum shade.

We got it home and I was too excited that I wanted to do it right then and there. Hubby agreed begrudgingly and we got to it. The first thing we had to do was disassemble the pendant light. We had to get it so the shade is sitting on the pendant fitting, so we had to take the wiring out of the metal rod. Then we threaded it back through the rod. It came with mutliple rods so you could adjust how far it hangs from the ceiling.



Once we got that down we turned off the power to the house. Ummm. Yeah. I didn’t take in to account that is was dark outside. We probably should have stopped but Dave has a flashlight app on his iPhone so we kept going. We followed the directions on the pendant light to wire it and it took only about 1 hour from start to finish to do everything. Yay!


I’m pretty happy with the result. Much better than the old brass fixture that was there before.

This weekend we are going house crazy! So basically I’m forcing Dave to take me fall decoration shopping. All of the decorations from our apartment take up one room in the house so we are going shopping! I will be posting pictures to my Instagram, so watch out for that. We also have painting the office on the books and hanging the peg board I painted. So keep an eye out for a painting post!

Have a great Labor Day!!


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