Spray Paint Sunday

Hello! Just wanted to drop in and say that I am in the middle of 15 projects right now. I’m working on completing at least one of them this week so I can post it!

Today I am going spray paint crazy! I got a free peg board from work, so I am painting it so I can hang it up in the office (which is still stab me in the eyes green). I also have a dresser in the office that I am sprucing up a bit-starting with painting the hardware. Lastly, I am spray painting a tray that I am putting the living room- you can see the pieces of it in the picture below.

photo 2


When I’m all done going paint crazy I have a few more projects swimming around in my head. I’m done traveling for work now, so I should have more time to get down and dirty.  You might even see some posts from projects not at my own house- my BFF is in the process of buying a house and it is true to the name “fixer upper.”

Something you might not know about me- I am a part-time photographer. So this fall I have a few sessions lined up that will most likely end up here! So keep a look out for that.

That’s all folks! I’m going to go finish up some projects! Catch up with ya later!


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