One Month Down

This post is a little behind, but I’m doing it anyway. We’ve made a lot of progress since we’ve moved in. There is still so much to do, but luckily we have the rest of our lives to get there.

Here is a run down of the things we’ve accomplished in each room/area so far: You can refer to this post to see what the house looked like pre move in.

The Living Room

We painted, and put up a few decorations. Just in the beginning phases here. I really want to recover that rocker- its suuuper comfy. There are a couple of chairs that didn’t make into the pictures that are in the corners of the room. We bring them out when we have a lot of people over.

Our plan here is:

I love the fireplace, and the mantle. Here is the plan:

1. Paint and take down old curtains- we chose Wheat Bread by Behr- Its Greige.

2. Paint Mantle

3. DIY some new curtains and pillows

4. Install Hardwoods

_DSC8357 _DSC8356 _DSC8360 _DSC8381

The Dining Room

The main thing here is the paint color.

1. Paint

2. Plate Wall

3. Stain Table- I really want this table. So I’m thinking after I stain the one we have now it can go in the basement as a game table.

4. A new light fixture- I’m in love with drum shades, so naturally I was attracted to this shade.

The Guest Bedrooms

We have painted the blue and yellow rooms, next we are going to tackle the green room.

1. Paint all rooms- one is blue , one is yellow, and one is stab me in the eye green. We are painting all the guest rooms the same color (sparrow by Behr-a nice gray) with the hopes of putting an accent wall in each one.


2. The blue room will be the Guest Bedroom, the Green room will be the Office, and the Yellow room with be another guest room/future nursery (way way in the future. Don’t get any ideas.)

3. There aren’t any trees on this side of the house to block light so we definitely need some blinds in these rooms so they don’t get so hot during the day.

4. Update bedding.

5. Paint accent wall- I have a gorgeous painting from my Grandma that I am basing the room around.


The Hall Bathroom

I already showed you the updates in that room here, but in case you missed it we tore down all the wallpaper and painted. We also updated a few accessories/fixtures.

1. Remove Wallpaper and Paint (we chose reflecting pool by Behr- its a really light gray blue).

Reflecting Pool

2. Replace Towel bar and toilet paper holder. Add hand towel ring.

3. Replace blue countertops. They are old and they are definitely porous-they stain easily.

4. Stain cabinets.

5. New Shower Curtain/ accessories

_DSC8417 _DSC8419 _DSC8415


Master Bedroom/Bathroom

1. Paint Bedroom– we went with Anonymous by Behr- a pretty charcoal gray. It sounds darker than it really is.


2. New curtains in bedroom. I also want to create some artwork-but there are more important things first.

3. Paint Bathroom– same color as the hall bath. Reflecting Pool by Behr.

4. In the bathroom there is a door into the bathroom and then a door on the left for the closet and another door to the shower. Whoa. Someone went door crazy. We are taking out the door to the closet and shower. Its too small of a space for that many doors!

5. Replace towel rings, toilet paper holder, towel rack.

6. Replace counters- yay more blue! Stain cabinets.

7. Eventually replace the flooring- carpet in bathrooms is icky.

_DSC8374 _DSC8370 _DSC8371


Basement/Family Room

1. Paint walls- We went with the same color as the Living Room/Kitchen/Dining Room. Wheat Bread by Behr. For the time being anyway. I really just wanted the pink gone!

2. Remove French Doors and Install Sliding Doors. You can read that post here.

3. Buy a couch– most likely from craigslist. This will be the only place in the house with a TV. Just the way we like it.

4. Dave wants a ping pong table (anyone that wants to challenge him just name the time and place. He is amazing.) But I’m leaning more towards putting in a bar area with a small game table. I really like this. More functional for Taco Game Nights.

5. New Curtains.

6. DEBUG!!! No one has lived in the house for 3 years, so it needs some major cleaning. There are spiders everywhere! Good thing I’m not afraid of spiders.

_DSC8387 _DSC8384 _DSC8404 _DSC8409


That all folks. At least for now. There are about a million other things we want to do, but this weekend we have more termite control to do. More on that later.


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