The Only Place You Should Decorate with Wallpaper

The only place you should ever decorate with wallpaper is in hell. That is where it belongs. I feel like most wallpaper is floral (and not in a good way) and super ugly. Luckily, in our house we only have one room with wallpaper- the hall bathroom.

It was floor to ceiling red striped wallpaper, with an awesome striped wallpaper border. I don’t have a picture of the border, but it was put up with hot glue. Awesome right? It made it super easy to take down. Unfortunately, the rest of the wallpaper was not so easy to take down.

House 11

We started by getting some spray gel wallpaper remover. We scored the walls and sprayed on the remover, waited 15 minutes per the instructions and it did nothing. Meh. So we asked Google other options and decided to try hot water and vinegar. We mixed it up- 1 part vinegar to 2 parts water and put it in a spray bottle. We sprayed it on, waited a few minutes and voila! The paper, slowly but surely, started peeling off. It was a tedious process, but we got it done.


We started the process early on in the week in order to get it done for that Friday, which was Taco Game Night. For those that don’t know- Taco Game Night (TGN) is a party we host at our place about once a quarter. All of our friends come over and we eat tacos, play games, and be merry. When we hosted TGN at our apartment things were a little cramped. Sometimes we had 25+ people attend in our 1,200 square foot apartment. So having it in our new home that is twice the size of our old apartment was super exciting! It was the first social gathering at our house and I of course wanted it to be perfect.

All went well until needed to take out the toilet to remove the wallpaper behind it and paint. We removed the toilet- with help from a couple YouTube videos, and started to paint. We chose a color called Reflecting Pool by Behr. Its a nice soft blue gray.

Reflecting Pool

Once we painted the entire room we bought a new wax seal to put in so we could replace the toilet. We put the seal on put the toilet and set it into place. We screwed it down, hooked the water line back up and opened the water line. As soon as the toilet filled water began leaking out at the base of the toilet. Great. So we turned the water line off and bought a new wax seal. We assumed that we had misplaced the wax seal and that was causing the water leak. Our friend Steve was in town and he yet again helped us take out the toilet and put in new wax seal. When we put the toilet back in it leaked again. Ugh.

Luckily, our friend Keith works for a plumber. He was already coming over for TGN, so he brought his tools over Friday evening before game night started. Keith discovered that the flange was cracked and needed to be replaced. A flange is a pipe fitting  that both mounts a toilet to the floor and connects the toilet drain to a drain pipe.


A flange usually costs under $10, so not an expensive fix. Our flange was glued to the pipe, so it took a saw to get it out. Keith couldn’t accomplish the task before TGN, but luckily we had our master bathroom and the basement bathroom to get us through. Once Keith put the new flange in we put the toilet back in and it finally started functioning properly! Yay!

After we got the toilet installed we took a trip to Target to get some new hardware. We chose a brushed nickel towel hook rack instead of a towel bar- I feel like you can only hang one towel on a bar, but on a rack with multiple hooks it allows more towels. The old towel bar was wooden, and out of date. So it felt good to update it.


We also bought a brushed nickel toilet paper holder. I was totally expecting to pay $10-12 for it. But no. It was $20. What?! Why would a toilet paper holder cost that much? I bought it anyway because I wanted it to match but good lord.


After we got the new hardware installed I started thinking about decor options. I definitely want to get a new shower curtain, but I also wanted to get some items to hang on the walls. I started with couple things I already had and spray painted them.

_DSC8417 _DSC8419

I had the leaf and flower thing from our old apartment. The leaf was an earthy green color and the flower thing was a cream color. I spray painted the leaf with Rustoleum’s Lagoon and the flower thing with Krylon’s Jade. I still want to get a painting or some sort of artwork to hang next to the leaf, but for now its a big difference from where we started.


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