Yay Termites!

Yay Termites! Not really.

When we purchased our home we had a termite inspection done. I detailed it here. Basically, we had an inspection done and there was evidence of past termites. This means that the inspection wasn’t clean, so we couldn’t go further with the house until it came back clean-i.e. treatment. Well, the sellers decided to get another inspection done and another spot on the property came back with evidence of termites. So long story short- the sellers finally got the termite treatment done.

If you don’t know how that works, a professional termite treatment company comes out to your home and inspects the property and outside foundation. They then drill holes about 3-4 inches apart all around your house and inject a poison. The termites (who actually live underground!) are attracted to that poison, take pieces of it because they think its food and take it back to their Queen. The poison kills them and everyone is happy.

So treatment was done on our property and we got a clean inspection. We thought we were set for smooth sailing. We were wrong.

Fourth of July weekend my parents came down to visit. The week before that it rained. It rained HARD. And it was then that we discovered that the french doors in the basement were a piece of crap. We had already had an idea of how bad they were when we moved in. Every morning I would go downstairs to discover the tile in front of the door was covered with dead bugs. EW. The seals on the door were basically non existent and bugs would get through all the time. When it started raining it also did not keep the water out. We used so many towels to soak up the water.

We decided that we definitely needed to replace the doors. We chose to change out the french doors with sliding doors. Another plus to replacing the doors- the french doors were pink. No thank you.

House 33

My Dad and Dave took on the project. I’m pretty sure my Dad can fix anything. First they took of the trim surrounding the door on the inside and outside. They removed the doors from the hinges and we discovered that the door was actually too small for the opening. The previous owners just put random pieces of wood around the door to make the gaps smaller and then put trim around it to hide it.

We also discovered termite damage. Awesome. We also found a couple live termites. Really awesome. Month 8Month 9Month 10

I was freaking out a little. Maybe a lot(le). My mind automatically went to visions of termites eating our floor joists. Dave and I called the company that did the termite treatment and scheduled an appointment for them to come out and check the damage we found.

From that point we pulled all of the door frame out and didn’t find any more damage. We put in new studs surrounding the door and replaced the door frame. We bought a generic sliding door at Lowes and we discovered that it was 1/4 inch to tall for the door opening. Dave and my Dad took down the door frame and moved the ceiling of the door frame up to accommodate the taller height of the sliding door.

Month 20

Month 19

They slid the door into place and used spray foam insulation around the door to create a good seal. From there they put the new trim up and caulked the outside of the door. We put in a marble (sounds fancy, but its pretty inexpensive) threshold on the inside of the door to transition onto the tile floor.

Sliding Door 3

Sliding Door

Sliding Door 2

We are super happy with the new door. It keeps the bugs and water out. Both things that are nice when owning a home. Big Project # 1 DONE. Yay for success! It didn’t go exactly to plan but I think we both learned a lot.


Side Note-The termite company came out and didn’t find any further evidence or damage- yay!


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