Movin on Up

Moving Day. It was long. It was sweaty. But oh it was worth it.

We had a stellar team of people helping us move. The OCD freak in me packed all the boxes according to room and had the contents of each box labeled so there would be no mistake come moving day. Dave’s parents and sister, my Dad, and our friends Marcus, Keith, and Chelsea were all there to help us move. Who knew moving from a 1,000 square foot apartment to a 2,500 square foot house could be so much work.

It all started on a Thursday when Dave’s family got there. We immediately began cleaning. I mean CLEANING. Dave’s Mom and Sister are powerhouses let me tell you. The painting also began. The walls in the Kitchen/Dining/Living Room were a bad mauve color. The lighting in the living room isn’t the greatest so we knew that we needed to lighten it up a bit with some paint.

House 35

You can see here the painting in process. It was really freaky because on one wall the paint looked blue and the on the other it looked greige-like it was supposed to. Now that it is dry both walls look the same, so all good here.

House 34

Here you can see the lovely Wheat Bread being applied over the weird mauve color. Such a big difference. It made the room lighter, and it made the cabinets stand out more. When I finally get around to staining the cabinets (I’m thinking espresso or a dark mahogany) I really feel the color will be even better than it is now.

During the cleaning process we tackled a huge issue/eyesore. Contact paper. It was in every single cabinet/drawer in the whole house. Blue flower contact paper. If I never see contact paper again it will be too soon. Some sheets came off easily, others required the strength of 5 people to tear it off the shelving. After removing the contact paper a sticky residue was left on the shelving and drawers, so we took a combination of warm water and vinegar and went to town. It took some elbow grease but we got it done!

House 38 House 30

After we unloaded our moving truck into the garage and dining room we moved onto the yard. I showed you in this in my previous post. The front yard needed some major trimming back. You could hardly see the front door, so my Dad brought his “chain gang” equipment and we started trimming up the trees. My Dad really does call it chain gang equipment. He is a member of the Missouri Baptist Disaster Relief, so when a bad storm/incident occurs he can be called out with his “chain gang” to help with cleanup.

House 39 (4)

House 39 (5)

We loaded up the entire 17′ U-Haul with the limbs/brush we cut away and took it to the yard waste disposal. It made a HUGE difference but honestly, now that we are living in the house I feel that we need to trim back again. We did meet all of our neighbors very quickly this way, because they all started coming over asking if my Dad could spare a few minutes to take care of a few branches. And he did. Seriously a servants heart in my Father. He is always there for anyone in need- love him.

Moving Day 5

During moving day my little fatty here decided to step in one of the paint pans. While it was super cute to have paw prints on the paint tarp, I used my super reflexes to quickly scoop him up to avoid getting those oh-so-cute prints on the actual floor. Crisis averted!

photo 4

Above is my WICKED insect bite I received while out in the yard. I have no idea what kind of bug it was but oh man it hurt/itched/sucked the energy out of me. We kept an eye on it just in case it was poisonous, and luckily after a few days it looked like a normal bite. I did receive a couple more of these bites after we moved in, so I’m sure what ever bug did this I am just super allergic to. We’ve sprayed the yard for bugs twice since move in so the bug bites have gone done considerably.

Moving Day actually took place from a Thursday-Sunday and we knocked out so many projects in the process- actual moving, installing new appliances, redirecting the bathroom vents that were venting into no-mans land, putting new piping in for the dryer vent (this was my least favorite project of the weekend), and painting all of the main living spaces. So yeah for moving day/weekend!!

Moving Day


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