Our House Hunting Nightmare Part 2

If you are just now tuning in, last time I talked about our hellish ordeal with the sellers of our house. We found radon AND termites in our home inspection and at first the sellers weren’t willing to fix either problem. I seriously thought we were going to be homeless and imagined us living out of a storage unit and sleeping on random couches at friends’ houses.  After going back and forth about a gazillion times with the sellers they finally agreed to termite treatment and having a radon mitigation system installed, along with putting a rain cap on the chimney. We thought we were home free. Guess again!

Fast forward about three weeks and it was two days before our closing date and the bank called and said they found a mistake and we couldn’t close on our original date. I was furious. In my mind the bank had the paperwork for three weeks, why were they waiting until two days before to make sure everything was kosher? So after many phone calls back and forth between the bank, our realtor, and the sellers the bank officially told us that we couldn’t close that week we had to wait a whole week before we could close. And then the sellers did something so crazytown I thought I would scream.

The sellers called our realtor and said that if we couldn’t close within four days that they were backing out and we wouldn’t be able to buy the house. What?! What kind of crazy person backs out because of something like that. We had no control over the situation, so hearing those words from the sellers made my head spin. So the Hubs called the bank and “spoke” with them about rushing our paperwork through. Luckily they pulled it together and we made the sellers deadline of four days.

Oh. and one thing I forgot to mention…the sellers Realtor just so happened to be their Granddaughter. You know how they say that Doctors shouldn’t/can’t be allowed to operate on family members. The same should apply to EVERYTHING. I’m not saying there isn’t a situation where it could work. I’m saying it did not work in ours.

So we signed our life away about 82,000 times and we bought a house!! Yay! I was seriously over joyed! After all the frustration and stress leading right up to us closing I felt immediate relief once we walked out of that office. All the hard work payed off and we were moving into our own house! I slept well that night, and I’m sure Dave did too. It wasn’t until that point when I started to think about all the little things I was going to enjoy about our home- our backyard, a garage, two living spaces, an actual laundry room, and basically just having something that was ours.

Now the real fun begins- the moving day! But before that I will give you all a little tour of the house before we moved in…all in my next post.


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