Welcome to My Home

This blog is the start of something new. Well actually, a few new things. First and foremost welcome to my blog. My husband and I just purchased a house a little over a month ago. Let me tell you, it was not the fairy tale experience I thought it was going to be. Here is where the blog comes in- I needed something, somewhere to put all of my thoughts and learning experiences down. Here it is- Love.Luck.Lorelai. We are certainly going to need a whole lot of love and luck to get through this thing called life, so here we go. I will be documenting the whole process- actually starting 3 years ago when we moved into our first apartment (don’t worry it will be the condensed version), going all the way to the present and beyond (if you feel that was almost a Buzz Lightyear quote it kinda was).ย 


Lets go on a journey.ย 

Front of House


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