Our House Hunting Nightmare Part 1

WARNING-this is going to be a long post. I seriously still have nightmares about our House Hunting process. Our Realtor was great, we really couldn’t have made it through the whole ordeal without him. Picture this: you look at so many houses you can’t tell one from the other, then after one glorious day you find a house you feel that you can make a home. So you take the next step and put an offer on said house. Then hell begins (sorry for the language).

We put an offer on the house and hoped for the best. It was pretty close to asking price, and based on the comparables in the area we felt we had a strong offer. The sellers accepted our offer and we thought we were on the path to homeownership. Once the sellers accepted our offer we put in our notice at our apartment. We had the inspection done on the house and there were a few things we were concerned with. During the inspection we had a radon test done. For those that don’t know, radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer behind smoking. Our home tested at above normal levels of radon. At first we weren’t sure if we should keep moving forward, but after researching we found that having a radon mitigation system installed would bring the threat down to zero. The next hurdle was termites, in Missouri a clean termite inspection is required for the bank to sign off on your mortgage. Well our house came up with positive evidence of past termites- so no active termites, which we were super thankful for, but still not a clear inspection.

So we went back to the sellers with an addendum to the contract with the termite and radon inspections, along with a few other things that needed to be fixed. We honestly expected them to see real concern when we sent back the contract, but that wasn’t the case. They refused to install a radon system, and denied that there was termite evidence on the property, even though the inspection clearly noted it. The sellers decided to have their own termite inspection done, and when they did that the other company found evidence of termites in ANOTHER spot on the property. I have to say, I was pretty upset.

This was all over about a 2 week period, and at that point we thought we were going to be homeless. We had already put notice in at our apartment and we had a little over a month before we had to move out. I went into major freak out mode. After the process of finding the house, I couldn’t bear the thought of starting over. After going back and forth with the sellers multiple times, we settled for the termite treatment, and radon system as the major fixes. So the sellers reluctantly agreed to the termite treatment, radon system, and putting a rain cap on the chimney.

Now as much as I would like to keep rolling on about how awful our experience was, I will save the rest for a later post 🙂 Come back for “Our House Hunting Nightmare Part 2).


Starting Our Life Together

3 Years ago the Hubs and I got married..wow. Three years ago, seems like just yesterday. Dave and I got married after dating for 5 years. We’ve known each other since we were in the 3rd grade. My family moved to St. Louis from Indiana right before I went into the 3rd grade. Our neighbors invited us to church and it was there that I met Dave, the rest is history.  After living in a 2 bedroom apartment for 3 years we finally decided we needed to have something that was ours. We were quickly outgrowing our apartment and it was become clear very quickly that we needed more space. So we asked around and found the perfect Realtor. We then started on the horrible journey known as house hunting.

I had this fantastical idea in my head that we would like at a handful of houses and happen upon our dream home. It definitely did not work out that way. We looked at 25+ homes and I was left frustrated and drained. Most houses looked great online, but when we would go to walk through it looked like a house of horrors- roofs with holes, holes in walls, holes in floors (okay, there were a lot of holes), and so much other damage it made my head spin. A lot of houses had potential, but we definitely knew we didn’t want to get into full electrical rewiring or foundation work. So finally, after a few months of searching we found a house that needed a little bit of work, but wasn’t totally out of our skill set. But that is a story for next time…

2 Year Anniversary Pictures

2 Year Anniversary Pictures

Welcome to My Home

This blog is the start of something new. Well actually, a few new things. First and foremost welcome to my blog. My husband and I just purchased a house a little over a month ago. Let me tell you, it was not the fairy tale experience I thought it was going to be. Here is where the blog comes in- I needed something, somewhere to put all of my thoughts and learning experiences down. Here it is- Love.Luck.Lorelai. We are certainly going to need a whole lot of love and luck to get through this thing called life, so here we go. I will be documenting the whole process- actually starting 3 years ago when we moved into our first apartment (don’t worry it will be the condensed version), going all the way to the present and beyond (if you feel that was almost a Buzz Lightyear quote it kinda was). 


Lets go on a journey. 

Front of House